Why you should try to pay 20% down

Why you should try to pay 20% down
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The minimum down payment in Thailand varies by bank, but most banks expect between 5% and 10% as a minimum down payment. Although it can seem highly attractive to take out a loan with only 5% down payment, you may end up paying much more money in the long run.


A smaller down payment often requires purchase of mortgage insurance from the bank. It also means paying more interest over the life of the loan. Take a look below at a calculation for an average family apartment in Bangkok:


Just by adopting a 20% down payment versus a 5% down payment, you would save 1.8 million THB during the life of the 30 year loan.

We know it can be difficult to save up 20% of the purchase price. The key thing to remember here is that the more you can put down, the less you end up paying to the bank. If you can only save up to 10% or 15% just remember that your savings today will pay off in a big way during the coming decades of your life.

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